Rev. Linda Renkowski
Aura Photographer
The Aura Video Station is a Multimedia Biofeedback Imaging System using the Science of Biofeedback,
Color Therapy and Energy Medicine to measure, analyze and display an accurate representation
of your emotional-energetic State, your Aura.
My Name is Rev. Linda Renkowski
My goal is to give every person in the world the opportunity to see and explore their Aura. My Goal is to promote and encourage people to practice Energy Awareness and Healing, of the body, mind and spirit. Educate as many people as possible about Energy, Emotions, Mind-Body Connections in a fun and interactive way.
Help people to understand themselves as energetic beings and to create more balanced and energized personalities, relationships and lives.
As well as being a Certified Reiki Master I am also an Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church. This allows me to perform both Minister and Reiki functions. I specialize in a variety of Reiki Blessed events.
I also provide ceremonies such as a wedding, house blessing that extra special touch of a Reiki blessing ceremony.
This is an unforgettable experience. Each session is unique, remarkable, life transforming and best of all FUN!!
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